Whitley County church chooses faith over flooding; continues Sunday services

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) – Flooding caused major damage in parts of Central Kentucky, including at the Power Pack Ministries church. On Sunday, though, worship services continued.

Despite damage from flooding earlier this week, Power Pack Ministries held Sunday services at their church. (Photo: WKYT/Olivia Russell)

"So it got about four feet in our church," says church Founder Geneva Lowe. “I've not got it all figured out but I know God's got a plan."

It's not the first challenge Lowe has faced in the last year. She recently lost her husband, which led to issues with their insurance claim after the flood.

Now, church members and volunteers are rebuilding it with their own two hands.

Even though they've lost a lot, they say they still have their faith, and each other.

"We have some pews. We still have a church, so we haven't missed a night of church," says Power Pack member Peggy Hatmaker.

"We cleared off a little corner out there, and had church - it was a disaster! Then we came over to my house a couple of nights. So, I don't believe in quitting. Just keep going," says Geneva Lowe.

Peggy Hatmaker says the services have given them a chance to talk about the bible, but this entire experience brings the words and actions to life.

"This is a terrible experience, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody,” says Hatmaker. But I wouldn't trade this experience for nothing in the world, because you can see God move every single day."

And now that Lowe has seen what her small congregation is capable of, she has some big expectations.

"It's going to be better than ever," she says.

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