Whitley County preps for possibility of substantial snowfall

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - There’s a possibility that a large winter storm could dump a lot of snow on those in southern Kentucky, but some Whitley County residents say they’re ready to meet the snow head on.

When it comes to prepping for snow, the Houchens IGA supermarket is sparing no expense.

“Going to try to get some more stock boys here in case people need help to their cars. Definitely need more cashiers. It’s all hands on deck,” said Kayla Abner of Houchens IGA. “We’re anticipating we’re going to sell a lot more bread, a lot more milk.”

City officials are also keeping a watchful on eye on the potential winter blast. At the county’s road garage, all trucks have been fitted with special salt sprayers and the salt shed is stocked full.

“We are very fortunate with the county, we have a really good road crew and really good road foreman. People who see themselves as public servants who will come out at any hour whenever they are needed,” said Whitley County Judge Executive Pat White Jr.

Those same crews are expected to have to plow or salt nearly 800 miles of county roads. The state’s crews will take care of a busy Interstate 75 and other large roadways.

Crews will come in and work 12-hour shifts and often around the clock.