Wildlife officials investigating illegal deer hunting in Boyle County

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BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Fish and Wildlife officers are investigating several recent reports of illegal deer hunting in Boyle County.

People have discovered the bodies of at least five deer in the Quicks Run area between Perryville and Danville. In each case, someone has taken the antlers from the bucks and left the carcass. Fish and Wildlife officials say removing the antlers is legal, but the bodies must be disposed of properly.

Robbie Carmicle hunts in the area but says his kills don't go to waste.

"It’s heartbreaking, it really is. Just shooting deer, cutting their horns off and leaving all the meat to go to waste. Hundreds of pounds of meat that could have fed a lot of people," Carmicle said.

Leaving a deer carcass alongside a roadway is illegal. Authorities could cite offenders for criminal littering. Hunters also must telecheck their deer before processing.

Poaching isn't the only concern. People are killing the deer in areas near some homes.

"There could be coon hunters walking around in the woods at night. 'Joe Bob' pulls up and shoots a deer with a .30-06 in his direction; he could kill him. And never know anything about it," Carmicle described. "Put a bullet through somebody’s bedroom and kill them."

Wildlife officials are investigating the situation. They're hoping someone might see the license plate of the poacher.

"We just want them to stop. The chances of catching them are not that great because they have to be caught in the act basically, but we just want it stopped."

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