Winburn Middle School prepares care baskets for families

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – As COVID-19 continues to impact the Commonwealth, examples have emerged of communities rallying together in support.

Winburn Middle School came together with community partners to donate items so that students and their families can have some support will the schools are closed. (Photo: WKYT/Jim Stratman)

That includes staff and local partners at Winburn Middle School, who packed backpacks for their students and their students’ families to help get them through this tough time.

"We are wanting to make sure that our students are being taken care of all next week. It's a collaboration of us coming together to share our love," says Winburn Middle School Youth Service Center Coordinator, T.C. Johnson.

Johnson says that community partners came together to donate items so that students and their families can have some support will the schools are closed.

"The school in this community is the centerpiece, even though it's at the end of a dead-end street, says Principal Mike Hale. “It is the focal point for the community and there's a lot of community support. It's super important for us to maintain open lines of communication with our community partners and with our parents and with our kids."

School officials say this is a program they would usually do every weekend, but with the coronavirus impacting families in such a way they decided to do it Thursday, making it bigger and better and longer-lasting for families.

"It's a life-changer for some of our families,” says Johnson. “Truly, a life-changing opportunity for some of our families. Since they're not here at school to be able to get the love we share, you know to get their breakfast and their lunch, you know so we're going to be able to share that today."

Johnson says she's grateful she can be a part of giving back to her students.

"I'm feeling so blessed that we're being able to share our love because it's all about love,” she says. It's all about Team Kentucky, it's about taking care of one another and so I feel so honored to be able to be used as that instrument or tool to be able to bless others."