Suspects wanted in Winchester double murder caught in Lexington

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Winchester Police identified two people wanted in connection with the murders of two teenagers Friday afternoon. They say Matthew Carmen and Julia Richardson were arrested Friday night at the Mapleleaf Shopping Center in Lexington.

Winchester Police are trying to find Matthew Carmen, age 23, and Julia Richardson, age 25.

The pair was wanted in connection with a double murder on E. Washington Street on Tuesday night.

Kayla Holland, 16, and Adrianna Castro, 16, died as a result of the shooting.

Police charged Ronnie Ellis, 18, Mikaela Buford, 18, Denzel Hill, 24, and Darian Skinner, 22, with complicity to murder.

Investigators have charged Carmen with complicity to murder as well. Richardson faces an evidence tampering charge.

In a complaint warrant we learned Skinner, Ellis, and Hill went to E. Washington Street to find a person after an argument at a gas station and found Carmen with that person.

Police say the four identified men had guns and began shooting at one another. We learned Holland and Castro were in between them when it happened.

Richardson is the girlfriend of Carmen. We are told she took a backpack from the scene, which contained bullets and left it with a neighbor saying she would come back for it.

Police say more arrests could be made in the case.

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