Winchester split on ordinance to allow Sunday alcohol sales

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a full house at Winchester City Hall Tuesday night as the Board of Commissioners invited the public to voice their opinion on an ordinance allowing alcohol sales on Sundays.

Winchester Board of Commissioners meet with the public to discuss ordinance.

The ordinance would affect microbreweries, distilleries and wineries in Winchester.

Church-goers, brewery employees and spiritual leaders were just some of the people taking turns at the podium.

It was a room seemingly split down the middle.

Some,including the Winchester Sun's editorial board,, think it's about time for the change, but others are arguing the day should be kept holy.

"We are to set aside Sunday, it is the Lord's day," said George Patrick, who attended the meeting with his church.

The ordinance's cheerleaders noted the added tourism attraction with Sunday alcohol sales.

"We want people to move here and we want people to come here for day trips," said Meredith Guy, who supports the ordinance.

People, like Mary Haggard, who work nearby the kinds of establishments it would affect, say it could ruin the neighborhood.

"There's noise, there's yelling, laughing, music I taped at 1 o'clock in the morning," Haggard said.

Many shared personal experiences with alcoholism and their religious testimony.

"The Christian voice is the largest voice of the community," said Patrick.

Guy said she disagrees.

"I think there's a lot of voices in that room that are loud but don't necessarily represent the majority," she said.

Some of the speakers say allowing alcohol to be sold all seven days boosts local business.

"If Applebee's can sell alcohol on Sundays then our local breweries, our local distilleries ought to be also," Guy said.

Some community members worry this would only encourage more drunk driving.

The Board of Commissioners voted three to two to approve the first reading of the ordinance. It will be given a second reading during the board's first meeting in October.

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