With Mideast meeting, Poland woos Trump but risks other ties

Image Source: MGN
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WARSAW, Poland (AP) - The Polish government has joined forces with the United States to co-host an international conference on the Middle East, hoping to strengthen its ties with Washington as its seeks greater protection from Russia.

But other longstanding relationships are being tested. Iran's government, which views the conference as a hostile act, warns that there will be consequences for Poland. Some political observers also fear the Polish government is risking greater isolation in Europe.

"What worries me is that the Polish government is putting its eggs almost completely in (U.S. President Donald) Trump's basket. ... The bet on Trump goes quite far," said Piotr Buras, the director of the Warsaw office of the European Council on Foreign Relations. "All of this is at the expense of relations with EU partners, and even at the expense of NATO unity."

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