Clay County killer's case to go before full parole board

Published: Sep. 25, 2017 at 4:26 PM EDT
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25 years after a brutal crime in Clay County, a woman serving a life sentencing for kidnapping and killing her stepson may get out of prison.

Stephanie Spitser faced a parole board Wednesday. Spitser took Scotty Baker from his school in Clay County back in 1992. Police say she then strangled him before burning and burying his body in Laurel County to hide the crime.

During her hearing, Spitser told the parole board she didn’t deserve to be released. But she also said she never intended to kill ten-year-old Scotty Baker.

Spitser described the crime for two members of the parole board hearing her case. She said she and her friend picked up Scotty and she intended to take him to his father. But she said Scotty got scared while in the car and she grabbed his shirt from behind and pull the collar, choking him.

"I just wanted him to stop fighting and be quiet. I’m not sure how long I held onto him," Spitser said.

After her accomplice confessed to police, Spitser pleaded guilty to murder and kidnapping. During her hearing Monday, Spitser told the board that board she wasn’t the same person who had committed that crime.

"I told my family time and time again I don’t feel like I deserve anything. And I am so sorry but sorry falls so short. It’s such a pathetic word because if it doesn’t fix anything," Spitser said.

On Monday, the boy's biological mother, Ruth Rose, and other members of his family went in front of the parole board asking them to keep Spitser in prison.

"As he was begging to get out of the car this thing came from the backseat, reached over, got him by the neck and pulled him across the seat. And while he kicked the dashboard out of the car, she choked him to death. That’s what I think about every day of my life," Ruth Rose told the board. "I demand that she serves her life sentence."

The two member board could have granted Spitser's release, but instead decided to pass the case on to the full board.

The full board will meet on Monday, they can either grant her parole or defer it for five years.

Spitser’s accomplice, Susanne Baker, who had no relation to Scotty Baker, was convicted of reckless homicide and kidnapping in the case was sentenced to 25 years. She was released in 2008 on good behavior.