Woman wakes up to see flames in her Lincoln County home

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Lincoln County firefighters arrived in time to save a home from burning down.

Firefighters from several different departments were called to a house fire on Kentucky 78 near Hustonville just before 7 Tuesday morning.

A woman in the home woke up to see flames coming out of one of the walls near the fireplace and called for help. The homeowner tells me this house was built in the late 1800s; they had it remodeled about 20 years ago. The fire did cause some damage to the home but nothing that crews can't fix.

“We got 2 rooms that sustained moderate damage, mainly around the chimney area. Other than that there's minor smoke and water damage here and there," said Captain Sean Reardon.

Fire officials anticipate the cause of the fire will likely be due to a crack in the chimney. The fire captain says this serves as a reminder for those with fireplaces to have them properly maintained. He recommends using creosote logs often and possibly even calling in professional chimney sweeps.

“The biggest thing, keep an eye on your mortar," Reardon said. "If you have concrete around your chimney, around your flue, keep an eye on it for any cracks or missing mortar.”

The fire did not cause injuries to anyone, and despite the fact that it was below freezing all morning, firefighters stated they did not have any problems with hoses or gear freezing up.

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