Woodford County horse injured in mysterious attack

Published: Mar. 27, 2019 at 4:49 PM EDT
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A horse in Woodford County is recovering after an animal attacked it, the owner says.

The foal ended up in Park Equine Hospital with a pretty serious injury.

"As I walked up to the gate to throw hay she was right up by the gate, as always, looking for her breakfast and I noticed that her lower lip was drooping to one side, almost looked as if she'd had a stroke," said Robert Jackson of Foxworth Farm.

Halston Couture is the horse's name, but her nickname is Hallie. She is one of three generations of horses roaming the fields at Foxworth Farm.

Jackson treats his horses like family and has for the past 55 years. This incident came close to disaster.

"I really thought I'd have to put her down," Jackson said. "Her neck was torn up. How the whole thing missed her jugular vein and coronary artery I have no idea but it just missed severing those main blood vessels."

Now, Hallie is stitched up and recovering.

Jackson thinks Hallie was attacked by a large animal, but no one knows exactly what happened at this time.