Work continues to fix Rowan County roads after flash flood

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ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT)- For Rowan County, heavy rains mean heavy damage to many roads across the county.

Officials say that many roads across the county were damaged by a flash flood that hit the area two weeks ago when Tropical Depression Cindy made its way across Kentucky. Now Paul Brown, road foreman at the Rowan County Road Department, is faced with the task of making roads passable.

"Top of the list is to be sure that the public can travel, the EMS can travel, and the fire department can travel in case of sickness or fire or something in that neighborhood. That's our priority."

Others, like local resident Scott Glover, say there’s no major surprise to this damage because of the force of the water.

"Quite a force, no doubt that was. When you deal with it on a personal level you don't really appreciate it. It's a powerful force."

The Rowan County Road Department says that all major roads in the county are passable but more work is planned over the next two weeks.

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