Zone change proposal near Hamburg raises concerns

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Nearly 2,000 homeowners in the Hamburg area are looking at the possibility of big changes in their neighborhood.

Residents who live in homes on Polo Club off Man O' War Boulevard are sounding off against a proposed zone change that would bring an apartment complex like this into the area. (Photo: WKYT/Victor Puente)

From traffic flow to property value, neighbors are voicing concerns about a proposed apartment complex.

"The impact that these proposed apartments, if they were built, what it'll have on the Blackford community, as well as the communities up on Polo, the impact would be great," says Mike Adkins, Property Manager of the Blackford Oaks Homeowner’s Association.

The proposal to build apartment complexes started as a zoning change request for a 30-acre stretch of land off Man O’ War Boulevard.

"That land was going to be developed, it’s just a question of when and how,” says Frank Penn, a member of the planning commission.

The proposed plan is for Ball Homes to build 336 apartment units and a clubhouse. Members of the planning commission say the development addresses something the city needs.

"We're trying to do what’s best for the city of Lexington,” says Penn. “We need more housing and we chose to put it right there."

A vote Thursday night ended up 7 to 2 in favor of the zone change.

"I sympathize with them but I also know we have to have housing and that's where the market is right now," says Penn.

It's a decision that leaves homeowners with several questions that they're hoping the full city council will be able to address.

Mike Adkins says residents who already purchased homes years ago are being blindsided by the zone change.

"We're hoping the council can listen to reason on schools, traffic, and obviously home values, and quality of life, and just what is good for Lexington,” says Adkins, who continues, “and we do not believe this set of apartments, where they're located, would be good for Lexington in any way, shape, or form."

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