Herald-Leader building sold to Lexington developer

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A major change is coming to one of the gateways to downtown Lexington.

The Herald-Leader building on Midland Avenue is being sold, and the new owner has grand plans for the 37-year old property.

The new owner, CRM Development Company, intends to make major changes, while still respecting the current building's history. Craig Turner, CEO of CRM says, "When the Herald-Leader building was constructed, years ago, it made a statement. I think it's important that we build upon the bones of that building and what they put in place." Turner, who is from Lexington, says the 186,000 square foot, four-story building on a little more than six- acres, is key to a new gateway into Lexington, where Midland Avenue intersects with Richmond Road and Main Street.

Turner says, "We need to give it life. So I think by putting glass on the front of the building, expand it, keeping it airy, keeping it transparent, creates an energy down there."

To complement plans for making Midland Avenue a more welcoming, beautiful entrance to downtown, Turner sees the future building reflecting that.

He says, "We put a new façade on the front; we bring a lot of light into the building, an outdoor rooftop right here, this could be a large meeting facility."

Downtown developer Phil Holoubek welcomes the changes.
"It's absolutely critical to the future success of our downtown. I don't think that most people can appreciate how important or how great Midland Ave could be, it's critically important. And its gonna be phenomenal."

Turner says they are finishing up some work like environmental studies, and then the first order of business is meeting with the nearby neighborhood association to get their input.

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