Bathroom messages of positivity help students' self-image

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MANVEL, N.D. (KVLY) -- In the Manvel K-8 school in North Dakota, teachers and administrators are trying something a little different.

"We know that words are important," said Kimberly Schanilec a teacher at Manvel.

They had some important words painted by the mirror in the girls' bathroom.

"The words we say, remembering that those words really do impact people," Schanilec said.

Not just the words we say to others, but the words we say to ourselves.

With the principal's help, and some brave third graders, Gray-TV affiliate, KVLY, blocked off the bathroom and had the girls read what was on the wall. "You are brave. You are amazing and you are smart," one third grader read.

Then they were asked what they saw in the mirror.

"My teeth are shiny clean," said one third grader.

"I'm ready for the day, I got my hair combed," said another.

Then they described how they felt.

"I'm really happy, excited and kind of scared," said another third grader.

"I'm going to have an amazing day at Manvel," another said.

The 8th grade artists behind the encouraging words hope the words have positive ripple effect throughout the school.

"Positive self-talk, thinking about yourself that you should always be brave and strong and you will be able to do the things that you do," said 8th grader Kamee Horner.

"And that when you say those positive and encouraging words to others they really start to believe and becomes apart of who they are."

Teachers said they're already seeing the results.

"I can do this. I am amazing," said a third grader.

School officials said they've already started planning to have a similar art project for the boys' bathroom.

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