Athlete of the Week: Anderson Co.'s Cobe Penny

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Forty seven years ago Jimmy Dan Conner won Kentucky Mr. Basketball and set the Anderson County scoring record. For 38 years his record stayed until two brothers less than ten years apart both placed their names above Kentucky’s 1971 Mr. basketball winner.

"I used to sit in the stands and watch Jimmy Dan play," said Anderson County coach Glen Drury. "He was a high school player and was absolutely amazing."

Drury has been with the Bearcats for 31 seasons, and in that time he’s seen UK legend Jimmy Dan’s scoring record broken twice. First by CJ penny in 2009.

"CJ came along and gradually he was maturing, and we knew he could score," said Drury. "So we kept giving him the basketball and then he broke that record."

Not even ten years later CJ’s younger brother Cobe surpassed his brother's scoring record.

"For one of us to set the steppingstone and for another one to follow in it is a little insight on how hard we work as a family," said CJ Penny.

At 6-feet tall Cobe, the younger Penny, can be overlooked on the court.

"He gets underestimated but he has the heart of a lion, and when he steps in the court he’s going to be the most fierce competitor on a given night," said CJ Penny."

"He’s a bulldog," said Drury. "He’s tough. You cannot find anybody else that I’ve ever coached that competes as hard as Cobe does."

So what’s the key to Cobe's 22 points and seven rebounds game? He played backyard ball against his 6'5' brother who was nine years his senior.

"Playing one on one with my brother and getting beat a lot," said Cobe Penny. "It kind of makes you mad so you kind of just want to imagine that you’re beating him every time someone steps in front of you."

CJ and Cobe still go at it on the court, and while they disagree on who's better, they both have etched their names into the Anderson County record books.

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