Briscoe returns, ready for new season

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Isaiah Briscoe is happy to be back at Kentucky for a second season.

"I trust Cal and I trust KP (Kenny Payne), said Briscoe. "So yeah, I decided to come back and I'm glad I'm here."

Briscoe tested the NBA waters last spring and could have stayed in the June 28 draft.

"It was hard because I was doing so well in the workouts and it's like ok, I feel like I can actually do this, Briscoe said. "But then I spoke to Cal, I spoke to KP and then it was more like, 'ok, you laid your groundwork out for the year coming up. Now you come back, show them what you can do and then around that time next year you wont have to worry about anything' and I like that the way that sound.

Briscoe played tremendous defense as a freshman, but he struggled with his shooting. That was frustrating because he had always been a good shooter.

"I mean it is what it is at the end of the day. I got through it, it's over with. I'm here for a new year and I've been in the gym trying to get my muscle memory right, repetition and just shooting. Shooting, shooting, shooting and like you said, I never struggled like that before. I don't plan on struggling like that this year. I'm just ready for a new year."

"Briscoe learned a lot from Tyler Ulis. Now he'll be counted on to be more vocal and be the team leader. He's confident that with games on the line the ball will be in his hands:

"This is my second year and I've been through the war and I've been in games and I know what to expect. Not saying that the ball's not going to be in Malik (Monk) and (De'Aaron) Fox hands. I'm not taking nothing away from them but I just think the ball will be in my hands because I've been through it."