Calipari says the culture has changed with Kentucky football

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - There are plenty of armchair quarterbacks in the Big Blue Nation, and you can count John Calipari in that group.

"Those veterans have got to prop up maybe our quarterback a little bit. Maybe some of the guys on the defensive side. You got to prop him up and help him."

Following the loss to Texas A&M, coach Cal reached out to Mark Stoops to let him know what he saw.

"So I text to Mark what I saw, that the first touchdown they scored was, okay, your defense I thought balled, but they were on the field too long. It wasn't your best game, and you still went to overtime with a chance to win. Incredible."

Calipari was most impressed with the way Benny Snell handled himself after a game.

"In front of the media, he said everything the right way because he was thinking about his team. That is big. Big, when you're a Heisman candidate, and you don't get the touches, and the team loses, because that kid wants to win, and he knew if I had the ball -- give me the ball twice in that situation, I don't care, let the lineman fall down, but he never said a word, and I told Mark that. I said, you guys are in a great place, man."

And while Kentucky may always be a basketball school, football is no longer an afterthought.

Best thing, the culture, everybody was mad and angry. Do you remember where two years ago we'd be sad and disappointed? Wasn't no sad now. Everybody, their staff was mad, their players were mad, our fans were mad, the culture has just changed in football.

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