Coach Calipari to help federal employees in Lexington during shutdown

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari is helping federal employees in Lexington during the partial government shutdown.

"We're going to try to touch all 400 of them," said Calipari.

During the UK Healthcare John Calipari Show , Coach Cal announced he and his wife Ellen had donated to REACH, Inc. with some help from Kroger.

"I’m not being political, one side or the other. Both sides think they’re winning, and it’s these people that are being hurt," said Calipari. "They’re from Lexington. They’re our friends; they’re our neighbors. And you know part of it was, Ellen and I, you just want them to know that you care or you understand, or you feel."

REACH, Inc. is a program based in Lexington. It helps individuals and families buy their first homes. You can learn more about their services here.

Calipari said he and Ellen might stop by the location on Red Mile Road tomorrow while people are signing up for services.

This isn't the first time Calipari has helped people in need. Calipari and WKYT worked together for the Teaming up for Texas telethon in September of 2017.

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