East Jessamine ready to win district, again, but want much more

Published: Aug. 1, 2018 at 12:12 AM EDT
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Mike Bowlin's East Jessamine Jaguars are looking for the rare 3-peat in their district which has been a toss up in recent years. The Jags will use a tried-and-true method of football.

"So we've been dabbling with the passing game again," head coach Mike Bowlin said jokingly. "Ironically, today, we got under center and ran our Wing-T stuff and the kids were like, 'Yeah that's really what we're going to run isn't coach?' And I was like yeah, I'm not fooling anybody."

East Jessamine has speed in the running game with Taveon Dean, Valdon Miles, Jaylen Taylor, and the power game of Cameron Segar

Quarterback Cameron Garrett knows what's best for his club. "Our offense would probably be best in time consuming. I feel like as long as we can get the ball down field and chew as much clock as we can. Then get our defense to step onto the field and just save the day and keep the other team from scoring and giving them less time. That would be very helpful for us."

Coach Bowlin says the Jags plan to use that same speed as its best weapon defensively.

"We're going to try and stop the run with athletes. We're moving into a new defensive mindset really attacking run by using smaller guys in the gap's and kind of going and overwhelming you with numbers."

East Jess has one simple goal for 2018

"We have not advanced to the regions and we have not advanced to the state," explains senior lineman Tyler Rangel. "We want to. That's where we want to go and that's our drive in our determination to go and be the best, be the best senior class to ever come through East Jessamine High School."