Former UK star Sean Hjelle to start Monday vs. Legends

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Monday morning at 10:35, former Kentucky standout Sean Hjelle will get the start for Augusta in the series finale against Lexington.

The Giants' No. 6 overall prospect has a 2.84 ERA in seven starts this season and he is excited to make his eighth start in his college town.

"It is always fun to come back here," said Hjelle. "I spent most of my offseason here, so it is good to see my old college friends and hang out with them and get to play baseball here again, so it has been really nice so far."

"Hopefully they can roll out of bed early enough and come to it," said Hjelle. "One of them said he would have a stomach issue and didn't see himself going to work tomorrow."

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