Garrard County plans to ground and pound

Published: Aug. 7, 2018 at 10:16 PM EDT
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What the Garrard County football team lacks in numbers, it makes up for in hard work.

"Right now we have between 30-40 players and really that's all we need," said quarterback Brice Burkhart. "I mean people who didn't want to come out, that's on them. We just got to go with what we have and just work every day."

The Golden Lions district schedule includes a defending state champion and a Mr. football candidate, so the key will be keeping the offense on the field and chewing up the clock.

You know we definitely run the clock," said tight end John Ball. "I wouldn't say it's boring. I mean our defense is strong. They can handle it."

"We do need to pound the ball and different things and that's not necessarily a great thing for some of the teams we play, but it's how we have to play," said head coach Jerry Perry.

Linebacker Jacoby Tuggle agrees his team has what it takes to run the ball effectively.

"Yeah it's just ground and pound," said Tuggle. "They hit hard. It sucks pretty bad."

Coach Perry intends to use the regular season as preparation for the first round of the playoffs, regardless of the win loss record.

"Hopefully we'll win some of those closer games, the two or three that we lost by a touchdown or less," said Perry. "You know hopefully we'll win one or two of those, or any games for that matter. So we know we got a tough road, but we're looking forward to it."