Humphries has 'special' day with children of Ronald McDonald House

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Isaac Humphries has heard the cheers while a Kentucky forward and this Sunday, at the Lexington Opera House, Humphries will be applauded once more during his benefit concert supporting the Ronald McDonald House. Wednesday morning, Humphries met some of the children his concert will support.

Humphries received the opportunity at the UK Pediatric Clinic to interact with some of the patients battling a variety of illnesses. It can hectic juggling a basketball career and putting on a concert, but seeing the children puts everything into perspective.

“You can get caught up with the songs and timing and how this is going to happen and how that is going to happen,” said Humphries. “You kind of lose focus a little bit of what and why you started the whole thing with everyone.”

Humphries got hugs and smiles from the children and that meant the world.

“Meeting everyone and doing things like this coming to the hospital and interacting with these people just makes me remember why I wanted to do this. So that has been special.”

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