Joe B. Hall attends Reggie Warford's Hall of Fame induction

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Three hours before Reggie Warford was inducted into the KHSAA Hall of Fame, he received a phone call from Joe B. Hall.

The legendary Kentucky head coach said he was sick and that he probably could not attend Saturday night's ceremony, but Coach Hall came anyways.

Reggie has had both a liver and heart transplant and is battling health issues himself and he knows how special it was to get inducted with Joe B. Hall in attendance.

"When I saw him walk in, I was visibly moved because of the sacrifice he made," said Warford. "We bumped heads plenty as player and coach because he was the toughest SOB you ever want to see. He used to talk about in terms of who would you like in your foxhole with you when the chips are down? Joe B. Hall I would like him in mine any day."

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