Kash Daniel responds to criticism for alleged dirty play

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel has responded to some criticism he received after an alleged dirty play on Saturday against Florida quarterback Kyle Trask.

Kash Daniel before kickoff of Kentucky's Week 2 game against Eastern Michigan (Regina Rickert)

Football fans were upset after they thought Daniel was trying to hurt Trask's ankle as he was being tackled near the goal line. Daniel responded Wednesday evening, saying he would never try to hurt another player.

"Do I talk a lot of crap? Absolutely. Do I bump a dude here and there to get underneath his skin and talk while I'm doing it? Absolutely. That's part of my game, that's what I do," Daniel said. "But am I out there to deliberately hurt somebody? Absolutely not."

"I'm not out there to twist anybody's ankle. End of story," Daniel said.

He says he's been a victim of a dirty play himself, so the issue is one that's close to him.

Daniel led the Cats with 10 total tackles in their loss to Florida.