Korth leading the charge for 6th-ranked UK Gymnastics

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) So far, so good for the UK gymnastics team. Only three meets into the season and UK gymnastics is climbing the rankings like never before.

"It absolutely feels good to be #6 in the country," said 6th year coach Tim Garrison. "I think we are really clicking and we are really competing at a high level right now, our kids are training at a high level, and they're bringing that to the competition."

Garrison has also witnessed the emergence Mollie Korth. The freshman from Cambridge, Wisconsin was the national floor champion last year and knew she could do it at the collegiate level.

"I'm really not surprised because I am a hard worker in and out of the gym," says the SEC Freshman of the Week. "So to have the success is great, but I kind of expected it to come actually. I was hoping it would come."

Garrison knew exactly what Mollie would bring to the table.

"We knew she was an outstanding athlete. We knew she was a great competitor. She has a gritty personality to her, so, all those are great indicators of seeing what we are seeing right now."

Korth is killing it in every event. This past weekend in beating 11th ranked Auburn, Korth won the all-around crown in her third-straight meet.

Garrison is in awe of what Korth has done so far.

"The all-around means she competes on three, uh, four events you know, so, man I don't know if I can put one event over the other. I think we've got four legs to the table and they are all supporting it. She's just amazing."

"I mean it's awesome to be ranked the highest ever in school history and it means a lot to all of us," says Korth. " A lot of people say I'm a big reason of that and that's really impressive to me. I'm really excited but I know it's a team effort and we have to keep working hard."

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