Lafayette, Bryan Station pick up wins from Friday

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Kentucky High School Athletic Association on Tuesday awarded wins to Lafayette and Bryan Station, following Friday’s games that were suspended after thunderstorms swept through central Kentucky.

Lafayette officially defeats Scott Co., 1-0, in a game that the Cardinals forfeited, after leading 25-20, when the game was halted with more than 11 minutes left in the third quarter.

In a release below, the KHSAA explained their decision on why the Generals were awarded the win.

"Scott County violated its contract with Lafayette when it indicated it would not resume the contest in compliance with the competition rules. Therefore, despite being ahead on the scoreboard at the time of the interruption, the result will be recorded as a 1-0 victory for Lafayette per the forfeit provisions of the NFHS rules. All individual and team game statistics will be counted for both schools."

The game could not resume the following Saturday because Toyota Stadium, home to Scott Co., wasn’t available. The Cards’ JV and freshman teams had a trip planned to Cincinnati Elder Saturday morning.

Bryan Station’s home game with Meade Co. will go down as a 7-6 win. The game was stopped at halftime, with the Defenders leading 7-6. The schools had agreed to finish the game at 6 pm on Saturday, but Mead Co. chose instead not to return and take the forfeit.

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