2016 collapse used as motivation for Southern Miss

It wasn't pretty as Southern Miss scored 34 straight points and came back to beat Kentucky 44-35 in the 2016 season opener. Mark Stoops said at the beginning of the week he doesn't look back much.

"We're in a learning enviornment so there will be some of that," said Stoops. "Not so much as motivation, but to try to offset some issues that always pop up early in the season."

The Wildcats have not been able to get away from last year's collapse as they went through their final week of preparation.

"They've been playing it all week," said defensive end Denzil Ware. "Weight room, locker room, in the hallways, it's pictures, ya know what I'm saying? I've got guys texting. I've got people back home sending me clips where I did bad on this play or this making jokes."

"Just seeing some of that stuff it's crazy," said linebacker Courtney Love. "I want to go back to my old self and just like look at me like, 'What are you doing? Get it together.'"

Kentucky has many players returning who played in that game and the Cats seem to realize they better be ready. Especially going on the road to play a team that will be looking to beat them again:

"My teammates didn't learn from last year, what these guys can do and what they're capable of doing, then it's going to be bad man," said Ware. "That game last year was a great learning experience for us and like I said, we're just ready to get back out there. We got a bad taste in our mouth and we're ready to rinse that off Saturday and just play."

Kentucky and Southern Miss kick off at 4:00 p.m. Saturday on CBS Sports Network.