Lexington eighth graders to compete in International Bowl

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - For a second year in a row, Sam Turley will represent the United States at the International Bowl in Dallas, Texas. The eighth grader at Beaumont Middle School has been looking forward to it since last year's game in Cowboys Stadium.

"I felt like I was in a college bowl game," said Sam Turley. "They had some professional busses, professional food and gave us free stuff, which was probably the best part."

Sam is one of just 150 14-year-olds across the country selected to compete, but this year he'll be joined by another Turley. His twin brother Silas.

"I was excited," said Silas Turley. "I mean me and Sam ran around the house and just had fun with it. It's really exciting."

Silas plays on the defensive line while Sam prefers the offensive line.

"I usually just excel at blocking," said Sam. "I'm not as fast as my brother and I don't have as quick of hands as he does."

"I just like tackling people," said Silas. "I mean blocking is just not that fun for me. It's more fun to hit people."

The Turley twins are highly competitive like most brothers.

"We are really competitive," said Silas. "We are grappling all the time."

When it comes to football, the Turley's are on the same team.

"He's my brother you know," said Sam. "It's fun to play with someone that you know. Football is all about the brotherhood and he's literally my brother so it's really awesome."

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