Logan Stenberg motivated by courage of offensive line coach John Schlarman

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Born in Madison, Alabama, Logan Stenberg is becoming a boss in the bluegrass on Kentucky's offensive line. At six foot six, 320 pounds, the junior offensive guard is a full-time starter for the second straight season and he's part of a unit that ranks among the nation's best.

"The sky is the limit and as long as we can get on board we can accomplish that," said Stenberg.

With SEC play in full swing, Kentucky is averaging well over 200 rushing yards per game and with an absolute stud like Benny Snell in the backfield, the offensive line gets plenty of time to shine.

"If we do our jobs, he will make us look good,” said Stenberg. “Get on our man, do our assignment and he will cut it open and we have the confidence in that if we do what we do it makes it really easy."

Along the offensive line comes a mix of personalities and styles, and the word around town is that Logan is one of the nicest guys around, but when the lights come on, there's no more Mr. Nice guy.

“I try to pride myself on that to be an approachable guy off the field, but on I want to tear people's faces off and I know I am not the fastest guy and not the strongest but I can control how mean I am and how much willingness I have to go the extra mile,” said Stenberg.

"When he gets on the field between the lines, he flips the switch and he plays physical and nasty and sometimes it can work against him and penalties and he is getting better at that and I appreciate the edge that he plays with,” said Schlarman.

"You can tell watching on TV the mentality he has when he plays,” said lineman Drake Jackson. “Mentality that we are coming after you and we are trying to get ours."

Coming out of high school, Logan chose Kentucky because he wanted to build something great, but the main reason he chose the cats was to play for offensive line coach John Schlarman.

Coach Schlarman is in his sixth year as the leader of the offensive line but over the summer, as the 43-year-old prepared for another season with the cats, he was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer.

"We have a lot of great doctors that we have been working with and everything is going well,” said Schlarman. “Feeling better now than I did in June before the treatment so that is a good sign."

Despite hours of chemotherapy and trips across the country to receive treatment, Coach Schlarman has continued to coach his wildcats and he says that football is a helpful distraction.

"It is motivational,” said Stenberg. “When I am waking up and sore and feeling under the weather I look at a man like that that went through chemo and is out on the practice fields with us and has more energy than us. It opens your eyes to what is important in life and it shows that when you want to do something, you can do it. Mind over matter and he is living that right now."

Earlier this season, in a win at Florida, Kentucky rushed for 303 yards and after the historic victory, Kentucky gave John Schlarman the game ball.

"It means so much to us as the O-Line. We see the changes he is going through, it was great we won and the way we did. We ran the ball we wanted to and it meant so much to the offensive line to dedicate to him."
And as the season rolls along, there's no question that Logan, his line and his team will continue to play inspired football with John Schlarman on the sidelines.

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