Madison Southern has high expectations for 2018 season

Published: Aug. 13, 2018 at 8:13 PM EDT
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Last year, Jon Clark’s Madison Southern Eagles went all the way to the state championship. Clark said they played their best ball of the year, but Covington Catholic was better that game. Now the Eagles prepare to make another December run.

“We haven’t done anything differently because what we’re doing is working," says Coach Jon Clark. "I think what happened is our guys realized how the consistency and the level of effort can’t change. It has even be raised higher on their end.”

The Eagles feel adamant this program is building a legacy. “We are not going to be a one and done program," Clark exclaims. "We are gradually getting better every year.”

Alex Knuckles agrees, “Expectation is as high as it’s always been. Last year it was to go and win, this year is to go and win.”

The secret to the Eagles' offense is working toward their players' strengths. Clark says his team is never the same. “We are different on both sides of the ball year in and year out because of our talent and because of their skill sets.”

Madison Southern loses more than 2000 rushing yards without Landen Stacy and Carter Smith, but the team is reloading with Alex Knuckles, Tobias Storm, and Clay Tinsley. Plus the Eagles return their starting line who expects to dominate.

Dane Jackson who's on the line thinks that's the strength of this Eagle team. “Our O-line is dominating so much. The holes are huge so that running backs have no choice but to go up it.” Knuckles, a running back is ready. “We’re all super hungry. It’s our time to shine and do what we’ve been training to do the last three years.”