Madison Southern quarterback Landen Stacy is the Athlete of the Week

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Last year Madison Southern lost in November to North Bullitt. But coach Jon Clark knew the upcoming senior class was special and sat them down soon after to develop a plan for 2017.

"Well Coach Clark met with us about a year ago from today after we lost last year, we got beat out last year," said quarterback Landen Stacy. "He said what are your guys his goals this year? The state championship used to be in Bowling Green so all year we just said Bowling Green or bust."

One of the reason Clark is confident in their goal? Quarterback Landon Stacy who Clark says has the it factor he looks for in his QBs.

"We really just loved his competitiveness," said Clark. "We watched him throw the ball and we thought his future, this is the kind of kid with the way he plays that we want to build a team around."

"It took a lot for the coaches to put it into my head that I could actually throw the ball and make smart decisions," said Stacy. "I was used to just getting the ball and making a block. It changed to reading defenses and reading linebackers really safeties and it was a big change."

While it was a big change it was a position it seemed Stacy was built for. Coach Clark remembers one of the first times Stacy ran out to the huddle.

"I remember his excitement when we gave him a play that he could carry the ball from the sidelines and just seeing his eyes light up," said Clark. "Just seeing this look like I got this. Just being out on the field and his ability to just carry it with confidence it to the huddle gave his team this feeling of I got this play and I've got you guys we are good."

For a team who has worked day in and day out to be at this point, they have one thought.

"Why not us?" said Clark. "Somebody's going to win Friday night."

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