Montgomery County finding their mojo

Published: Aug. 4, 2018 at 11:03 PM EDT
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Mount Sterling was a happy hunting ground once again for the Montgomery County Indians who not only doubled their roster but tripled their wins going 10-3 and were region runners-up. Now, in 2018, the Indians are ready for more.

Justin Korossy says, "Well it was interesting because he did really been the first time I had been a part of a really good football team. So it was nice to be on a team that wins a lot of games and the expectation was to win. So it was really re-energizing and making football fun."

It was the first time since 1996, MOCO had so much mojo and they knew by mid-September how good they could be.

"I think it was beating Fleming County," says Pharoah Davis of when he realized the team had some power. "I think going into the game they were 4-0 and we were going in at 3-1 in a lot of people had Fleming beating us. And we just went in and destroyed them."

The Indians wing-T offense did lose 2,000 rusher Charles Collins to district rival Anderson County, but that position isn't the key to the running attack.

Coach Egli says, "It's not a secret and I say it all the time it's pharaoh. If you put one on and we're going to throw it over your head and if you put two on him we've got 10 or nine in the box. Which one are you going to do? He is the thing that makes us go."

The blueprint is a proven winner and the Indians cannot wait for 2018 to start.

"Coach Egli told us if we stick to the program, and give 110% all the time, and be unselfish, that's what we got last year, recalls Kade Bowlin. "This year we're just going with the same mindset if we give it all we've got, will probably get good results."