NCAA suspends Wiseman 12 games

Memphis center James Wiseman has a temporary restraining order to play while he fights an NCAA ruling claiming he's ineligible. (WMC)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The NCAA ruled that Memphis Tigers basketball player James Wiseman must sit a significant portion of the current season due to benefits he received.

Wiseman must sit 11 more games this season, for a total of 12 games, the NCAA said in a release Wednesday. He will be cleared to play Jan. 12 against South Florida.

The NCAA said this ruling is based on recruiting inducements his family received before he enrolled at the University of Memphis and for competing in three games this season while he was ineligible.

As part of the NCAA ruling, Wiseman must also donate $11,500 to a charity of his choice

WREG previously reported that Tigers’ head coach Penny Hardaway gave $11,500 to Wiseman’s family to move from Nashville to Memphis while Wiseman was in high school.

The NCAA said this donation was not allowed because Hardaway, who donated $1 million to the school for its sports hall of fame a decade prior, was considered a booster by NCAA rules due to his donation.

The NCAA said Wiseman was likely ineligible on Nov. 8, prompting the basketball star’s attorney to file a restraining order, allowing Wiseman to play in three games with the Tigers. The NCAA said this suspension includes Wiseman’s punishment for playing while ineligible.

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