New team, new stadium in Clark County

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 5:02 PM EDT
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The long wait is over at Clark County. G-R-C is set to open a brand new field on its campus this season. Since 2014 the Cardinals football team has played its games at the middle school.

"Ever since we built a new school it's two miles down the road," said tackle Chase Taulbee. "You kind of have to go all the way over here after school to get you ready for a game. It's nice just to walk out the door, and our stadium is right here in our own backfield."

"I mean it makes the world of difference in regard to how you prepare for games," said head coach Oliver Lucas. "How you prepare in regards to practice because now you have a facility where everything is just right there."

Of course there are other advantages to a brand new stadium.

"I want to get on turf," said defensive tackle Trace Mitchell. "I'm tired of wet cleats man. It's one thing I hate."

"My goal, I always told everybody that I want to be the first person to score on that field just the standards," said running back Azariah Isreal.

One thing the Cardinals aren't building this year is a new team. After going 7-5 a year ago, the team lost many of its key players to graduation. Coach Oliver Lucas says the team is not rebuilding.

"You know when I came in I had to rebuild, but now we're reloading," said Lucas. "So we got Azariah (Israel) as our tailback, and he's probably going to break those records as a running back. Then we got Jordan Manley as a quarterback, and I mean man unbelievable arm and heavily recruited."

"We lost a lot on the defensive line and a lot of veterans on the offense, quarterback, running back and all that, but the guys that are coming in," said defensive back, Tye Boyken. "I think can do just as good job or better."