Nicholasville boy wins Silver Gloves Boxing National Championship

Published: Feb. 13, 2019 at 6:16 PM EST
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He may only be nine-years-old, but Tolley Carter Jr. is already a national champion.

"It felt like really great because I finally feel like how to be a champion," said Carter Jr.

Tolley recently won the boys nine and ten-year-old, 114-pound weight division at the National Silver Gloves Tournament in Independence, Missouri.

"It felt great because I always wanted a belt since I was six years old and I saw other people getting a belt," saw Carter Jr.

Tolley first fell in love with boxing after watching the sport with his dad Tolley Carter Sr.

"He would sit down with me and watch boxing all the time, and he would say dad I want to box," said Carter senior. "Of course, I would just ignore it. No father wants to see his son get hit in the face, but he just kept bugging me, and I said you know what, I'm going to take him to a gym."

Tolley Sr. took Tolley Jr. to Legends boxing gym in Nicholasville, Kentucky to see how much he really liked the sport.

"I mean from the first punch he took he lit up the room with a smile, and I knew then that he was wired a little different," said Carter Sr.

Tolley Sr, who was once an amateur boxer, began coaching his son.

"As a father, there are nerves dealing with your kid putting himself in a perilous situation," said Carter Sr. "But as his coach, I'm confident in what he's able to do, and I've been able to separate the two."

For young Tolley, spending time with his dad in the gym is worth every punch.

"So if you're ever sparring he can give you ideas," said Carter Jr. "Yeah I like spending time with my dad and is like a boxer, and I'm a boxer, it felt great because y'all got something in common."