Today was Inauguration Day in Kentucky and Matt Bevin became the new governor, which of course means a new administration and change. I think UK athletics should take a little of that newness and maybe make some changes for themselves too. You probably saw Mark Story's column in the Lexington Herald-Leader Sunday about longtime UK football fans saying they've had it and they're not going to renew their tickets. I don't know if that's going to happen with a lot of them but I do think there's a feeling that UK athletics has forgotten the fan experience, especially for football. When they made the new stadium rennovations they had to make a lot of changes. That led to people having to switch where they had their tickets. What really was hurt was the fan-fun part of Kentucky football. For years we've been bad at football, we know that. But it was always fun to go to the games, tailgating with friends. The tailgating was probably the best in the SEC because it was so close to the stadium, and even when we didn't win it was still worth the trip. Now it's not like that. It's become a more professional atmosphere, and that's good when you're winning. But when you're losing, all of a sudden people look it at more as a business and they say why should I pay for it. I think UK has to focus on the fan this next year. If they don't, even if the Cats improve, there might not be a lot of people there to see it.