PJ Washington: 'I made a commitment to myself to get better every day'

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CHICAGO (WKYT) -- It can be cool to come back to school. Just ask PJ Washington.

He was at the NBA Draft Combine last year. He worked out and spoke to teams, but felt that his game wasn't where it needed to be to get drafted in the first round.

One year later, everything has changed for the better. Now that he can effectively shoot the three ball, he has proven to NBA teams that he can play up to three positions on the floor. That versatility combined with his sky-high confidence equals a big time pay day in June at the NBA Draft.

"I felt last year I wasn't where I wanted to be and this year I am where I want to be," said Washington. "I am confident in myself and confident in my abilities and I can go anywhere and play right away."

"When I came back, I made a commitment to myself to get better every day. I did a great job of that. I can shoot the ball, rebound well and do a lot of things on the court," said the former UK forward.

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