Pendleton Co. star and UK signee Dontaie Allen named 2019 Mr. Basketball

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Pendleton County's Dontaie Allen, a University of Kentucky signee, is the winner of Kentucky’s 2019 Mr. Basketball award. The University of Kentucky signee averaged 42.9 points per game through 13 games before a season ending ACL injury.

The 6’6 198-pound swingman was pouring it on opponents before his injury December 22nd against Cooper. The impact of Allen’s injury cannot be understated. When Allen was on the floor Pendleton County was 9-4, but after the ACL tear the Wildcats finished the regular season just 1-15 the rest of the way.

Allen becomes the first player in Pendleton County history to win Mr. Basketball and the first from the 10th region who did not play at Mason County. Darius Miller (2008) and Chris Lofton (2004) were the other winners from the 10th region.

Here are Allen’s numbers this season through the 13 games he played:
Williamstown 52pts. – 12 reb.
Scott 53 pts. – 18 reb.
Marshall Co. 25pt.s – 23 reb.
Nicholas Co. 34pts. – 15 reb.
Clark Co. 34pts. – 10 reb.
Bracken Co. 51pts. – 18 reb.
Augusta 45pts. – 12 reb.
Robertson Co. 53pts. – 12 reb.
Harrison Co. 49pts. – 20 reb.
Bourbon Co. 43pts. – 14 reb.
St. Henry 52pts. – 10 reb.
Bryan Station 57pts. – 18 reb.
Cooper *10pts. – 2 reb (*denotes ACL injury)