Reid Travis practicing, gearing up to play Friday vs. Alabama

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKYT) -- John Calipari met with the media Thursday and confirmed that Reid Travis will play Friday in the SEC Tournament Quarterfinals against Alabama.

Reid has not played for Kentucky since the midway point of the Missouri game on February 19, but he has been practicing in full and will play against the Crimson Tide.

"I saw the sheet that said he was going full," said John Calipari Thursday night.

"So every day when I get a sheet I know who’s practicing and who’s not and the sheet always had him out for two and a half weeks. Then it said full, full, full, full when I looked. So I went to the staff, I said, ‘My sheet said he’s going to go full. Is that right?’ Everybody said we thought yeah, so.”

Calipari added the following about Reid wanting to play on Friday.

“I knew he was going hard. I didn’t talk to the doctors about it. I knew that if he wanted to play, which I thought he did, he’ll be back and he’ll be fine. He’s been – he’s trained that way. He lost the weight that way. He conditions that way. He takes care of his body that way. He’s intense that way. I expect that there will be some jitters. He hasn’t played for two weeks or longer really, three weeks.”

Kentucky will face Alabama at 7:00 ET on the SEC Network.

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