Kentucky's Rhyne Howard eagerly awaits returning to the basketball court

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky women's basketball was poised to make a run in the NCAA Tournament before the postseason was canceled.

"I think we would've made a very good run," said UK guard Rhyne Howard. "We all wanted the same thing, and we had a lot of chemistry going for us. I think it would've been a good thing for Kentucky women's basketball had we gotten to play."

All-American Rhyne Howard was looking forward to the postseason challenge, but these days she says it's a challenge to practice the sport she loves while back home in Tennessee.

"It's kind of tough because I always like to just go put up some shots or play pick up with some of my friends, but now I can't do that," said Howard. "I'm just kind of stuck in the house. All of my days are getting mixed up and stuff, so it's just kind of boring."

One thing that helps is her frequent communication with her teammates and coaches.

"Me and my teammates we text every day in our little group chat," said Howard. "We've always got something fun to talk about, and then yeah, me and my coaches, we talk all the time just to check up on them, and they're checking on me and vice versa."

Howard says she's looking forward to stepping back the court with her teammates and representing Kentucky.

"I know that we are all going to be so excited," said Howard. "We may just come out firing on all cylinders. That's how pumped we're going to be. We all just missed the game."