Scott County's Austin Barnett named athlete of the week

Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 9:55 PM EST
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For the third consecutive season Scott county is back in the state semifinals and much like their coach, the Cards are a confident bunch.

"A coach's personality reflects in his team," said Scott County coach Jim McKee. "I am an old offensive lineman that is what I have played, and we have always believed in running the football."

The wing-t is Scott county's specialty, and for the seventh straight season, the Cards have rushed for over 4,000 yards.

"It's fun in my position when you don't have the ball and run 20 yards down the field and have three guys chasing, and you can say he is already in the end zone over there," said fullback Austin Barnett.

The deception is daunting, and Austin Barnett is the kingpin of Scott County's attack. In Friday's regional final against Simon Kenton, the senior rushed for nearly half of the cards 400-plus yards and scored four times.

"Any time you have somebody you can hand the ball to that can make people miss that makes you look smart as a coach," said McKee. "He had a run where their defense did a great job, and he should have lost two yards, and he gained 30."

Barnett has the heart of a lion and Friday night; his Cardinals will host Madison Central for the chance to play for a state championship.

"There is a tremendous amount of pride in our program, and our goal is to play our best at this time of the year, and we are," said McKee.

"It is all I have done my whole life," said Barnett. "It is something I want to carry into my adulthood that I did this and gave it my all and tried to do everything I could."