Tates Creek football looks to build on last season

Published: Aug. 8, 2018 at 10:33 PM EDT
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The Tates Creek Commodores went 9-3 last year losing to Douglass in the second round of the postseason.

“We would have times where our receivers would be off one game, then running backs off one game," said Commodores center Garrett Belcher. "If we get all that together, it’s very dangerous.”

Tates Creek is bringing in many new skills players, but among the guys to watch is the Commodores new quarterback.

“I really feel like Luke Duby is someone everyone should probably keep an eye on," said coach Jon Smith. "Marcus Bosley could step in the backfield and Jalen Barnett. We’ve got several guys are going in there.”

While the team scored most of their touchdowns on the ground last year, this year they plan to use their receivers more in quick, controlled passing.

“Goal is definitely at least 100 or 200 rushing yards per game and a lot more receiving yards than last year because we have better receivers," said Belcher.

Tates Creek plays Frederick Douglass the second game of the season. A game circled by many on the team since Douglass beat them twice and ended their season.

“I’ve been waiting for that matchup every da," said Belcher.."We’re out for blood that’s for sure.”

“We just want to come out and show them that we’ve gotten better from last year and give them a run for their money," said linebacker JD Hawkins.

This year the Commodores want to make it farther in the postseason than they have in more than 10 years.

“You know our angle is we want to get past that second round of the playoffs," said Smith. "After that to see where it all falls. I think in the back of her head. We just want to get past the second round of the playoffs.”

“I’d say we’re going to go farther than last year," said Hawkins. "I’d be a good season. Every season we’ve taken a step up at t3 can just keep climbing at wiring going further.”