Tennessee mayor upholds bet in Lexington following Wildcats' victory over Vols

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Knox County, Tennessee Mayor Glenn Jacobs has come through after losing a bet with Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton.

Mayor Linda Gorton/Twitter

The two met in Lexington where Jacobs wore a Kentucky shirt while having lunch.

Jacobs, who is best known as WWE wrestler Kane, made the wager with Gorton ahead of Kentucky's first regular season matchup with Tennessee. The two mayors bet on lunch in either Lexington or Knoxville based on who won the Feb. 16 game. Kentucky would go on to win in convincing fashion.

The two ate at KSBar and Grille, and both made a bet for Saturday's rematch. The loser will donate to a children's hospital where the winning mayor governs.

"I will redeem myself this Saturday," Jacobs said, as Gorton believes she will not let her Tennessee counterpart get even.

"We know that Kentucky's on a roll, Gorton said. "We are playing really good basketball and even without one of our star players."

Knox County, Tennessee is where Knoxville is located.

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