UK athletes set record for graduation rate

LEXINGTON, Ky. – University of Kentucky student-athletes broke one school record for graduation rate and tied another in the annual report issued Wednesday by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The NCAA Graduation Success Rate (GSR), a four-year composite statistic for the freshman classes of 2007-18 through 2010-11, was 85 percent. That broke last year’s school record of 82 percent and continued UK’s trend of having broken or tied the mark for earning diplomas every year since the NCAA began charting graduation in 2005.

The GSR includes all scholarship athletes. Athletes who transfer in good standing do not count against the school’s GSR. Schools also are allowed to count incoming transfers and January enrollees who subsequently graduate.

Here are the annual scores for UK student-athletes breaking or tying the school record each year of the 13-year history of the GSR.

Year Announced NCAA GSR
2017 85 percent
2016 82
2015 81
2014 81
2013 79
2012 79
2011 77
2010 74
2009 73
2008 73
2007 71
2006 71
2005 68

The Federal Graduation Rate (FGR) for student-athletes, also a four-year composite statistic for the freshman classes of 2007-08 through 2010-11, is 59 percent, tying the school record posted in four of the last five years. Data for this statistic is available since 1991. In the FGR, student-athletes who transfer count as non-graduates, regardless of their academic standing or subsequent graduation from another institution. Incoming transfer students, from junior college or four-year schools, who graduate at UK are not counted as graduates. These factors account for the difference between the FGR and the NCAA GSR.

These improvements reflect the emphasis on academic achievement by Mitch Barnhart, who became director of athletics in 2002.

“It is gratifying to see a record for graduation rate year after year,” Barnhart said. “I am pleased with our progress and want us to continue to challenge our staff, coaches and students to ascend to places and efforts we have never before seen.”

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