UK golfer Garrett Wood going viral on TikTok with trick shots

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- At Kentucky, Garrett Wood is a standout junior on the golf team, but on the ever-popular social media app TikTok, Garrett is known as one of the CEO's of trick shots.

Photo: UK Athletics

The creativity of Garrett's trick shots are off the charts and his followers are showing the love. The first trick shot video he ever posted has over one million views.

“It is pretty cool," said Wood. "I was telling my mom that back at school, people in the elevator said do you make trick shots? I see you on TikTok."

The end product is amazing and worthy of going viral, but some shots take hours and hours to perfect.

“It took us 300-400 tries for us to get it into the triangle of solo cups," said Wood.

Garrett has posted 70 videos on his profile, racking in over five-million views and nearly 400,000 likes. That traffic caught the attention of ESPN.

“Our video got posted on SportsCenter on Instagram. Scrolling through the comments is pretty exciting.”