UKFCU All Blue Preview: Chris Oats

Coming out of high school as a four-star recruit, Chris Oats lived up to the hype as a freshman and totaled 27 tackles. Five of those came in a win at Louisville, including his second career sack.
So what's next for the sophomore star.

"I want to take a step forward and become a leader for the team," said Oats. "Learn how to talk more like I was doing last year and just to take a step forward and build on what I did last year, that was just the start."

Starting August 31st, Chris will be counted on to make another splash in the UK linebacker room and believes his unit stacks up with the rest of the country.

"I think we are really good," said Oats. "We are one of the best in the nation. You see what we did last year with Deandre and me as a freshman and with Jamin stepping in too. We know we have depth, so if anything happens, we know we have a backup."

With Brad White taking over as defensive coordinator, it's easy to see why guys like Chris are confident. Just look at what he did with Josh Allen.

"It opens our eyes," said Oats. "You see how Josh he could've went out. When we see that, we know he knows what he is talking about. Everybody is buying in, and the sky is the limit for us. We just have to come out every day and work."

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