UKFCU All Blue Preview: Moses Douglass

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Moses Douglass is one of three four-star recruits in Kentucky's freshmen class and he has UK blue in his blood. His father Maurice played defensive back for the Cats in the mid eighties, followed by an 11-year career in the NFL and coached Moses at Springfield high school.

"If I wasn't playing for him, I would still be in the spot I am in, but I wouldn't have as much knowledge as I do now," said Douglass. "It was tough, so it got me ready for times like this when it is going to be even tougher."

Moses quickly learned that SEC football is a different beast.

"It was difficult at first, the spring when I got here as a young guy, a young bull coming out of high school I was like woah," said Douglass.

In most cases, he would have plenty of time to adjust, but with Davonte Robinson's season-ending injury, this young bull may have to step up at safety right away.

"Now they looking at me and Yusuf (Corker)," said Moses. "One of you have to step up and play that role. A lot of stuff has changed. I have to get extra film in now. I need it anyway so I will take it. I like it."

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