UK's Edmond named Athlete of the Week

Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 7:53 PM EDT
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"After it happened, I just turned around and I just instantly saw Gabby Curry, and she jumped on top of me, which I knew would happen because that's her thing this year with me for some reason is to jump all over me," said UK outside hitter Leah Edmond. "I loved it, as soon as I got to the bench like my teammates started kissing me all over the head, which they know I hate."

A 24-year-old record went down on Sunday when senior Leah Edmond collected her 1,738th kill.

"You're seeing an athlete right now do things that very few in the sport can do," said UK volleyball head coach Craig Skinner. "Not just the point-scoring aspect of it, but just her all-around game right now is at a level that it hasn't been before."

Edmond calls the record a team accomplishment.

"Like literally, I'm the third person to get the ball," said Edmond. "So if somebody doesn't pass or set it, I don't get a kill."

"She has no fear as an attacker," added Skinner. "Sometimes the ball is set thirty feet in the air, kind of an out of system situation, and she still just bombs away and finds a chord, and that's a hard skill to master because of a timing element."

Leah, the daughter of UK football strength and conditioning coach Corey Edmond, moved to Kentucky in 2013 as a high school student. At the time, she thought her volleyball future was on the west coast.

"When I landed here, I didn't even know about Kentucky volleyball," said Edmond. "I knew nothing. All I knew was that I had to move again, and I was not happy, but it definitely turned out in my favor, and I really love that we got to come here because I think we came here for a reason."