Western Hills has big plans for Wandale Robinson

Published: Jul. 30, 2018 at 11:07 PM EDT
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Western Hills is on the rise. last year the Wolverines made it to the second round of the class 3Achampionship before falling to the eventual champion in Boyle County. This year Western Hills expects the team to be better.

"We got quite a few returning linemen on the offense," said Coach Don Miller. "And everything and then obviously we got Wandale coming back."

Wandale Robinson, the powerhouse of the Wolverines, had almost two hundred yards per game last year. He rushed for 33 touchdowns and added 5 more as a receiver.

Robinson said of his role. "I really like doing it all. I feel comfortable everywhere. Quarterback, slot receiver, safety, running back, just anywhere I feel comfortable anywhere."

As schools begin to slow him down Western Hills is preparing others to step up. Miller thinks aloud, "We got to have the Nate Johnson's, the Jason's and Carlos' all those guys to step up and fill that spot when they do take him away."

On defense, Western Hills has some big bodies who've left and some holes to fill.

Linebacker Logan Hawkins says, "A lot of defensive backs are returning but we did lose the guy who led the team in tackles so the linebackers are gonna have to stick it out."

Even with many guys playing both ways the big green machine is confident. "I know we can win games," exclaims Robinson. "We know we can compete with anybody. So it's really good to know we're on the up and up. We should win more games than we did last year."