Dogs removed from home now at other shelters

They were removed from their home, and now they're waiting to find a new one.

More than 100 dogs were removed over the weekend from a home in Casey County, because police say they were starving, and many of them were living in their own waste.

They were all taken to the Garrard County Humane Society or veterinary clinics in the area. Now, other communities are reaching out to help them.

At least 60 dogs were still at the Garrard County Humane Society Monday afternoon. They will soon be moved to other animal shelters and foster homes for care.

After the dogs were removed from the home Sunday, a triage center was set up so the dogs could be treated and vaccinated.

One dog is still in critical condition. At least two dogs have died since the rescue.

Both United Rescues of Kentucky and other groups taking care of the dogs are in need of donations.

"We will have to spend about $15,000," Beverly McChesney from United Rescues of Kentucky said. "We would like the public's help. It is tax deductible. Our website is a good place to start."

About 20 of the sickest dogs will be going to the Lexington Humane Society's shelter. Many of those dogs will be treated in an intensive care unit there.

The owner of that home in Casey County, Cheryl Turner has been cited.

27 NEWSFIRST looked into her record. We found she had two similar citations in Lexington.

The most recent was in March 2008, when Turner was cited for keeping dogs in unsanitary conditions and for having 30 dogs more than the city allows.

A link to the United Rescues of Kentucky web site is attached to this story.

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